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Reasons why you should do the things you love instead of choosing just money!

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For some of you it might sound like a silly question, meaningless, but I will try with this post to change your mind!

At first will be that you will have to wake up every morning and do the same thing, every day. No one likes this. Why would you do something you do not like?

As humans we are very skilled; we have so many artists and so many people that are good in a specific field. You are one of these persons who own the key to the lock. Use it, do what you love to do, and find a way to do it right.

You could start by knowing yourself and discover who you are, then find your inspirational moments and finally create. When you have an idea, you should not be afraid to try it. If it doesn’t work at least you tried! That will count as a step ahead.

People should stop getting caught in the “rat race” and realise that gaining knowledge is more important than gaining tons of money. Now, I do understand that all of us have needs and all of us should be able to pay the bills, taxes and all the other things, however what I try to say is not that you should live without money but we should stop being so greedy. We always want more: a better job, a bigger car, a bigger house and so on. What about our inner selves, our spirituality and our consciousness? Why we do not manifest the same ‘greedy feelings when comes about achieving a higher self, gaining more knowledge?

I believe this is where our society gets it ‘wrong’. We focus too much on our constructed societal discourses and not enough in discovering our inner selves; the later could bring us much more satisfaction and a sense of prolific peace which will help us live in harmony with the ones around us.

The process of reaching the point in your life when you’ll be able to do what you love for a living takes time and a lot of motivation. You will have to build from nothing, with small steps, but soon that will change into your own business.

Process 87 is our new project; after years of working for others and consuming time working in different fields, finally now we have the chance to do what we love. We are at the beginning of the road; we have a lot to learn and new things to discover, however it all started from asking ourselves…what do we love doing more; knowledge or financial wealth?

With this post we hope we could motivate more people to take the challenge and ask themselves: why I am not doing what I love yet? It might take time to build what you wish but at the end of the road is what you love the most so maybe it will all be worth it! We wish you to reach the stars!

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