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Why do we start blogging?

In the last years, blogging has become a trend and another way of communication between individuals and their audiences.

As a business I believe it is important to let your customers know the steps that you take behind the scene and offer them clarity in what you try to do.

By informing people, educating and making them aware of yourself and your intentions within the business, it is more likely to find another bunch of people out there that will do the same thing and they can also share their knowledge with you. It can be a lesson for both parts.

We want to inform our readers about us, about what led us to our journey and also inspire and motivate them. We strongly believe that it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, if you decide to learn a new skill it is never too late. We do not believe in stereotypes!

At this moment in our society information is everywhere - we are learning every day new things and we achieve new skills. More and more people are starting a new way of teaching by simply sharing their knowledge on a virtual platform which most of us can access. This is competing with the traditional teaching.

Blogging can be too part of the new way of teaching and it can be a bit more subjective by not only giving the information but also passing over some of the author’s feelings. We also start blogging as another way of promoting ourselves and let more people know that we exist.

We would like you, our reader, to be able to get to know us from our blog topics and maybe some of you will want to help us in our journey!

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